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We were founded to provide the farming community and rural properties reliable high quality CCTV and internet solutions throughout Cornwall and we specialize in: 
CCTV - Super Fast 4G internet - Livestock Monitoring - Wi-Fi and I.T Networking  
superfast internet in cornwall
CCTV - Cornwall 
Save time - with our CCTV systems you can save hours of work checking you cattle or horses through the night by simply opening the smart app on you phone, you can even pan, tilt and zoom your cameras which ensures you can see all of your animals. 
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Whole farm and house WiFi 
We have a range of systems to suit your requirements - from hardwired wifi systems to wireless bridges linking two buildings together we have it all. 
4G internet in cornwall
4G Superfast internet 
Stop struggling with slow broadband today, contact us today for a 4G survey with speeds averaging over 40MBPS, we can give your home or business a usable superfast connection. 

 POINT-TO-POINT WI-FI CONNECTIONS   Sharing WIFi with other proprties and enabling CCTV to cover remote areas and buidlings without cables.   

What is it? 

Point to point links are a great option if running a cable is just not practical or if the distance is simply to great, they save having to have multiple phone lines and therefore save money on line rental - sometimes outbuilding wont have a phone line and these links can provide a cost effective solution, one phone line can supply a whole site with Wifi enabling you or your workers/guests to simply use the internet.  
Point to point links can also be used with CCTV, we can fit IP cctv cameras to entrances and remote outbuildings and barns and these links send the information back to the main building enabling you to view the camera image anywhere in the world or just simply on your home tv. 

How far will a bridge reach? 

Point-to-point links can simply link two adjacent buildings or multiple building over very long distances. 
The maximum distance is usually determined by any obstacles that may be in the line of sight of the equipment (the clear the view the better), but we can typically easily link buildings miles apart with a clear view easily and with shorter distances obstacles don't usually cause a problem.. 

How long does the installation take? 

Usually we can carry out the full installation within 4hrs but this totally depends on the complexity of the job IE, how we achieve a line of sight (roof top work) and how we get a cable into your building. 

What equipment do you use? 

We typically recommend using Ubiquiti or Microtik as they are very reliable brands, we train with them on a regular basis this makes sure we keep up to date with the latest technology and gain the correct and relevant certifications 



Each Farm, company or domestic household has different Wi-Fi and IT requirements, depending on what the network will be used for and how much the customer wants to invest in their network, we design every site individually and only use quality materials, our equipment is installed in IP rated waterproof boxes this along with the quality of our equipment is the key to our systems being more reliable than some of our competitors 


We can carry out a professional Wifi survey at your premises enabling us the fully plan out how we will cover the areas you wish to have wifi in with a reliable wifi service or how to provide back haul links simply for CCTV cameras. 
Being certified with Ubiquiti you can rest assured we will set up and install your equipment in the best possible way this makes the system run smoother, faster and more provides a more reliable service,  

Call today with your inquiry! 

We always try to answer or return your inquiry as soon as possible, we encourage clients to leave a message or email us if we haven't answered as we maybe working at height installing access points or cameras - rest assured we will call you back ASAP. 

Who do you work with? 

We work with many businesses throughout Cornwall on various types of property from farmers and rural small holdings to office blocks and campsite, please feel free to call us with any inquiry! 
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