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 Wi-Fi surveys in the Cornwall area   

Wi-Fi surveys 

How important is it to conduct a pre-Wi-Fi survey? Coverage and capacity planning is a key factor for any Wi-Fi system. 
Many factors can affect wireless network performance and reliability. We therefore recommend that you have a site review to make sure that the I.T network in your hoe or business will be suitable to meet your current and future needs 
With the latest web-based software, we can design and manage Wi-Fi networks to meet our needs. 

Our Wi-Fi survey includes 

• Creating coverage and performance maps based on readings and experience 
• Define network requirements. 
• Checking network design and current status for possible problems 
• Check existing 2.4 and 5 GHz separately and plan for required optimum coverage 
• Check of current noise from other neighbouring networks 
• Provide detailed and combined Wi-Fi and spectrum analysis 
• A review of capacity requirements and existing problems 
• Check your location requirements. 
• Find all access points and determine type and speed 
• Simulate network traffic with different Wi-Fi devices 
• Check all access points, SSIDs, channels, or access points 

How long does a survey take? 

Depending on the size of the site we can complete a survey with 1- 2 hours, if you need other services from us the appointment may take longer. 

What does a survey cost? 

We always clarify costs before arriving but our surveys are usually £95 but this depends entirely on the size of the project and needs of the client. 



Reliable, functional cabling solutions that will ensure your business or home functions at the highest performance level. 


We can survey tour network and make a detailed plan for you with recommendations to improve your network speed and reliability. 
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