Freesat and Sky / SkyQ Installations and Repairs throughout Cornwall from Carnon downs to St.Austell 

What is Freesat? 
Freesat was launched in 2008, it was a venture between two providers ITV AND BBC to come up with a subscription free TV platform to be received through a satellite dish, Freesat has over 200 channels and 11 high definition (HD) channels which makes it a great alternative to Freeview if that signal is poor in your area, it also uses the same satellite as Sky and SkyQ which means if you want to save on your monthly subscription costs and leave Sky all that needs to be done is to plug in a compatible Freesat television or Humax freesat box, SkyQ dishes do need an engineers visit to change the sensor (LNB) from a wide-band to a standard version. 
What is Freesat+ and Freetime? 
Freesat+ gives the ability to record live television, if you have a new smart Tv this comes as standard but with the need to plug in a usb stick to allow you to record, pause and plan television recordings. 
if you record alot or have an older television you can simply purchase a freesat + box such as a Humax freesat box that will allow you to record multiple programs at the same time and with its free app you can even record remotely ensuring you never miss a program. 
Freetime has become the next generation of Freesat. It is a combination of live TV and On demand content such as BBCiPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and Youtube, all you need is a connection to the internet through WiFi or Ethernet, if you live in an old house or struggle to get internet in the part of your house where the television is located we can help with either a wireless or hard wired solution. 
Accessing Freetime is easy simply open your 7 day TV guide, just scroll back up to 7 days to access the program's you missed.  
How do I get Freesat and Freetime? 
Freesat, Freesat+ and Freetime all require a satellite dish - either a metal standard or fibreglass version installed outside on the building and either Freesat receiver or Freesat TV. 
Although Freesat capable televisions are available the majority of televisions do not come with Freesat inbuilt unless you opt for this as an option when you purchase the television, Freesat is usually only available in televisions with screens over 40". 
Another common mistake is to think that because your Tv has a satellite connection its compatible and this may well not be the case, some televisions are satellite only and not Freesat - This means that the television with not request a postcode and will then give every region of the main channels resulting in multiple channels of the same type IE 9 bbc1 channels - although if you have the time you can sit down and create your own channel list, but it is very time consuming. 
Why not Choose Cornwall aerial and wifi services for your Freesat Installation or Repair and get the crystal clear picture you should have or start saving money by leaving Sky. 
We can supply and install a variety of Freesat boxes at great prices, with a full demonstration of your equipment and even give you lessons to help you adjust to using your new equipment. 
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Sky dish installations and repairs 
We can supply and fit Standard sky dishes, repair faults or temporally move your dish due to scaffolding. 
Sky / Freesat surveys 
We can survey tour building site or home so you know where your dish will need to be located, your cabling can then be run to that location, minimizing work once the build is complete. 
Satellite dish health check 
Are you having problems with pixelation or the dreaded no signal message on your Tv, we can diagnose and rectify the fault. 
Fibreglass dishes 
Do you live in an exposed location we can install a fibreglass dish that will stand the test of time again the sea air and storms of Cornwall. 
Clear dishes 
Do you need your dish to be discreet, we can fit a clear dish to make your sky/ SkyQ or Freesat installation as discreet as possible. 
Dish upgrades 
We can upgrade your old dish with a SkyQ sensor (LNB) with minimal fuss to enable you to view SkyQ. 
Have Sky refused your installation due to the height or accessibility of your dish, we are specialist at working at height and can complete the installation with minimal fuss. 
Wireless SkyQ 
We can install a dedicated SkyQ wired network which will provide a reliable service for tour main tv and extra rooms. 
Freesat is a free satellite platform designed to provide you with full tv service where standard terrestrial tv is not available, we can install this and get you a reliable tv service. 
Commercial satellite systems 
We install, maintain, repair and can upgrade communal systems to ensure a hassle free service, extra points for flats or houses- no problems we have it covered. 
Extra Freesat / Sky points 
We can install extra points around you home discreetly with minimal fuss so you can relax in bed or watch tv whilst your cooking! 
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