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What is a point to point bridge? 

Point-to-point Wi-Fi connections are the ideal solution for domestic and commercial installations, we can link multiple buildings where cable connectivity is impossible, expensive, or impractical to install, these links negate the need for multiple telephone lines and can drastically reduce monthly outgoings. 
Our point-to-point wireless connections are a great alternative for fast data, VoIP and video transfer between your business sites and are available at different transfer rates up to 1 Gbps depending on the equipment used. 

How far will a bridge reach? 

Point-to-point wireless links can range from short links linking two locations a few meters away to a long-distance wireless link that connects two dozen locations, this system is called point to multipoint. 
The maximum distance determination factors include the height, frequency, power level, and environmental interference of each Ethernet radio device, typically we can link small distances from 10 meters up to 8 miles. 
If there is a visible line between the two points (LOS), point-to-point bridges can be configured and installed with minimal disruption for your home or business 

How long does the installation take? 

Usually we can carry out the full installation within 4hrs but this totally depends on the complexity of the job ie, how we achieve a line of sight (roof top work) and how we get a cable into your building. 

What equipment do you use? 

We typically recommend using Ubiquiti or Microtik as they are very reliable brands, we train with them on a regular basis this makes sure we keep up to date with the latest technology and gain the correct and relevant certifications 


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