Slow home broadband? Call today for your 3G or 4G signal survey! 

3G and 4g mobile networks are commonly associated with mobile phones to provide a connection for calls and now mobile internet, but they are now frequently used as an alternative to home broadband!, these 3G and 4G masts provide a connection usually from 10Mbps up to 90Mbps which can be a huge upgrade in comparison to your cabled home broadband. 

Weak 3G or 4g signal? 

Our systems can cater for strong signal areas as well as very poor signal areas! We have high gain aerials that can be mounted on the outside of your home this ensures the best signal reception possible. 

Contract or Pay as you go? 

The choice is yours – we can fit the equipment with a sim card of your choice using any provider that serves the UK, the sim card can be pay as you go or on a contact that is monthly, yearly or on an 18 month contract. Pay as you go sim cards provide the flexibility of spending caps and only topping it up by card or at the supermarket whenever you feel, whereas contract Sim cards usually provided higher use data plans. 

How long does the survey take? 

We usually take between 1 to 2hrs to fully survey your premises for 3G /4G signal and advice on which system we recommend to fully cover your home with Wi-Fi or how we can Ethernet cable the house to provide a wired connection – Ultimately the decision is yours! 

How long does the installation take? 

Usually we can carry out the full installation within 2hrs, we may have to drill one hole through the external wall which allows us to fit a cable from the external antennae to the router, however larger businesses and homes may require larger systems which may take 1 to 2 days depending on the size of the project. 

What router do you use? 

We can use a range of routers typically we use a dual band Ac access point or router but we can accommodate any size of business or large home with a larger system to ensure even coverage throughout the site we and even link our system to supply your home network no matter how large. 
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