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Each client, company or domestic service has different Wi-Fi and IT needs, not only for the purpose for which the network will be used but also for the budget available for the project, we can design a customized network based on these factors. 
We can quote from plans sent by email or from visits to the physical site, you can be sure our network specification will be up to date even with the most demanding situations in the home or office. 

Wi-Fi design 

We can provide a professional Wi-Fi survey on the site using a variety of diagnostic software such as aerial view, this allows us to see how congested the Wi-Fi spectrum is and helps us to identify the most appropriate equipment to use in the premises, this combined with our experience in the real world will ensure that you get the best possible Wi-Fi coverage and service. 

Call today! 

We always strive to respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries from new and returning customers, our on-site inspection charges are reimbursed in full if the installation is performed. 
We regularly train and receive certificates to enable us to take advantage of new technologies ensuring you receive the most up-to date information from us. 

Who do you work with? 

We work with a large number of companies, such as electrician and even interior designers, during the planning stages and sometimes in the final stages of construction or remodeling, to ensure the complete integration of Wi-Fi and IT network in the project. 
For more information, contact some of our experienced engineers to arrange a consultation. 


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