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This property is located in Tregony, Truro, TR25RY, the site had an existing system that needed totally reconfiguring as the main line was moved to another building, the new owner didnt realise that the system was fed from one of the holiday buildings and not the main house, so we recongigured the system to all be fed from the main house where it is easy to service and reboot if a problem did occur. 
This Ubiquiti access point that is just a small part of the installation has now been reinstalled and configured to cover a campsite with Wifi, it now serves many people through the summer months 
Rocket wifi installation at campsite, Truro
The picture below shows how far the access point reaches  
Campsite wifi, Truro
This aerial installation in Gwavas Hill, Helston, Tr13OBZ was anything but ordinary, the day started off with blue skys and by the time we finished was absolutely pooring with rain!, here we fitting a mid range Televes aerial on a true aluminum pole that is guranteed to last inlike the previous alloy version, the customer now has a good signal and all of the freeview channels available from Fourlanes, Redruth. 
Aerial installation in Helston
This is a property we visited in Manor way, Helston TR138LJ, the loft was very small in parts, but the developer had installed the cabling in the loft with no easy way to install a cable outside for an external Freeview aerial, after some crawling and struggling we installed a Freeview aerial in the most spacious part of the loft space and aligned it to get a very good signal from the Redruth, Fourlanes transmitter. 
Loft aerial installation Helston, Cornwall
We arrived at this property in Penryn, Chandler park, TR109FL, Cornwall to find an aerial already installed but the aerial had no signal output, due to the aerial being mounted in a bad place and for some reason it was not aligned. 
Soon after starting to align the aerial,we could see the aerial did not have a high enough gain so we replaced the aerial and mount with a Televes Vzenit mid range aerial which gave us a very good quality signal. 
We also found that the amplifier had a fault and the connections to the splitter where badly made off reuktinf in some of the aerial outlets not working, once this was resolved we went on to the next stage - mounting the Tv on the wall downstairs. 
This Freeview aerial was installed in Dobbs lane, Truro, Tr13NB, Cornwall, this aerial now provides a quality Freeview signal from the Redruth, Four lanes transmitter to four rooms through a distribution amplifer in the customers loft space. 
This dish was installed in Bosvean gardens, Truro, Cornwall, Tr13NQ, The Freeview signal here is very poor, this Freesat dish now allows the client to recieve all of the national channels with no monthly ongoing cost. 
Satellite installation for dreesat Truro, Cornwall
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