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Broadband problems are common especially in old property's around Cornwall, firstly lets look at routers, they are the piece of equipment that is supplied by your ISP (BT, Talk talk etc). 
Different internet suppliers supply different routers, all of them are built with different abilities, the most common problem we see if the old BT home hub 2, 3, and 4's causing Internet drop out issues, don't be fooled you can either simply replace this hub with a newer version such as the BT hub 6 by buying it privately or by phoning BT and requesting one. 
Alternately you can purchase an aftermarket version such as a Draytek 130 and microtik or ubuiqiti router shown below, if you decide to go with this option you can pick a router that will meet your demands, like a pc you can specify from the specs list of the router how much RAM and how fast the cpu is. 
Wireless channels, if you adept to configuring your router you can check out which channel has the least interference (you can download an app on your tablet or phone called wifi analyzer). 
In built up areas where customers all have broadband often the routers are all broadcasting on the same wireless channel, this can cause wifi dropouts or poor speeds - it is good practice to change the channel manually on these routers, premium equipment will automatically change the channel to the cleanest one for you. 
Below is a common setup we use for a small house, we then add Ubiquiti access points for wireless coverage. 

BT master socket 

Master socket types and extension wiring. 

Hopefully you have your router plugged into your master socket, that is where it should be plugged in!, if you have an old style socket like the ones on the left ideally you should replace it with a new filtered version like the one on the right of the picture above, the newer 5c sockets - available for around £15 have a built i filter negating the need for a messy aftermarket filter that hangs from the master socket. 
We usually also disconnect the extension wiring and just leave the main incoming line connected leave into the master socket, this reduces line noise and rules out any possible internal wiring problems, wireless DECT phones are widely available and can be bought in packs IE 2,3,4,5 phones - they form their own wireless DECT network, these phones can also be bought in high power versions for greater distances and large houses. 

Wiring your new socket 

The old style sockets like the one above on the right need a tool to be terminated, (punch down tool) but the new ones on the left are tool-less, they utilize a cam lock system, you just need a cleanly cut cable poke the two cores into terminals 2 and 5 and close the cam lock and your done!, you will need a screwdriver to tighten up the screws on the inner face plate. 
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