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This property is located in Truro,  
This lovely small holding had an existing system that was installed 6 years ago, it needed updating and had been in part disconnected by another installer from St.Austell, we reconnected the Ubiquiti system that far outperforms the cheap Tplink repeater system that was installed recently from Argos. 
This Ubiquiti system is now running at full speed with a new network name and password that is consistent throughout h=the small holding rather than having different wifi network names this causes connection issues) 
Whilst we where there we also installed a mesh wifi access point in another outbuilding that will serve guests until a new line can be installed to that premises. 
Wifi access point in Truro, Cornwall
A Ubiquiti mesh WiFi access point. 
Today we had an aerial system that had been causing problems since its installation , the aerial was installed in an inconvienient place which meant the cusomer woud struggle to use the lofts potential for storage. 
Upon removing the aerial and stripping out the feed cable we discovered that the installed had used a cable tacker (staples) but one of the staples had gone wright through the cable causing a short. 
The picture below shows the staple causing part of the reception issue. 
As you can see below the cabling was rather messy and one of the cables was not terminated at all. 

Time for a new aerial installation in a more convienient location! 

This time around we installed a non powered signal splitter thatis screwed to the beam and the cables are now also clipped to make them nice and tidy and stop any risk of trips or falls through the ceiling. 
The new Televes aerial is installed in the apex of the loft space far out of reach and maximising the usuable space in the attic, this aerial also has a built in 4g filter and much higher gain than the old version, we proffesionally metered this aerial into allignment to make sure the signal was the best it could possibly be. 
Wideband aerial installation
This house in Probus, Truro now benifits from Ubiquiti ac access points throughout the property, this poe setup will be hidden behind a desk  
Wifi installation in Probus, Truro
Here our client in Falmouth at Penwerriss terrace, TR112PA, Falmouth, had an old rusty sky dish which kept giving the client a no signal problem, we replaced the old freesat dish with a premium fibreglass dish with a galvanised 2 inch mount, after the dish was installed and we measured the signal at the tv it was clear that one of the cables also had a fault so this was also replaced. 
Freesat dish installation, penwerriss terrace, falmoth
This premium fibreglass dish was installed in De Pass road, Falmouth, TR114BJ, we recommend the client had a fibreglass dish installed due to the property being very exposed to the sea, Freeview signal here is weak in most parts, so this was a welcome upgrade. 
This server cabinet was a total mess reams of cable with multiple joins, DIY cat5 cable ends and a mix access points and brands, TP link, Netgear ect and multiple wifi networks with confilcting channels all leading to an unstable WiFi network. 
The accomadation now benifits from Ubiquiti access points throughout the premises ensuring great coverage and speed, the customer has chosen to use the BT router for now which is just being used as a router not an access point (wirless disabled).  
The site benifits from a 300Mbps FTTP line to ensure the media students can upload large files. 
Server cabinet installation Falmouth, Cornwall

Confused as to which system is best for you? 

If you live in Truro, Cornwall, this blog is a helpful guide as to which services are available in your area, contact us today regarding you aerial, wifi or Satellite installation in the Truro area. 
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